“A” license certified with the US Soccer Federation since 2008 and the Union of European Football Associations since 2012, Aron Hyde served as a goalkeeper coach for the Chicago Fire professional soccer program for six years. His accomplishments with the Fire include coaching goalkeeper Sean Johnson to a 2014 Defensive Player of the Year designation. Aron Hyde also has coached goalkeepers on the men’s national team through the US Soccer Association and worked with a number of players who compete at the national and international levels. His coaching methods embrace the use of high-tech computer software to analyze athletic performance.

Aron Hyde embarked on his coaching career as an assistant college coach, first with Seattle University and then with the University of Washington. While coaching with Seattle University, Mr. Hyde concurrently earned his master of sport administration and leadership. His 2009 thesis was titled Pre-Game Warm Ups for Soccer; What Is Needed to Prepare for the Encounter Ahead?